Monday, June 8, 2015

Why the Internet Is Good for Those Needing a Lawyer

I have an acquaintance in New York who is a personal injury attorney and a very good one.  He released a video explaining what sepsis is, and within twenty minutes a client found him through YouTube.  In the old days, his client would have found a lawyer by inquiring among his community's leaders and hoping that the lawyer he found by reputation was a good fit for him and his matter.  Once the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the various states' bans on lawyer advertising during the 1970s, we have had daily barrages of promotions that seldom educate.  Neither of these methods is an efficient way to match a client to a qualified specialist.  Today, however, you can do a word search on the internet of something legal and technical and find articles, videos, blog posts, and websites explaining the searched word and an attorney willing to explain things to you before you visit anyone's office.

People get excited about buying houses, cars, boats, clothes, sporting goods, and food, but few people say, "I am so ecstatic!  I found a new lawyer!"  When people are looking for us, they have usually received an unexpected and unwelcome jolt: news of an illness, a family death, threat of a lawsuit, an unraveling business deal, or trouble with their property.  They are not in a trusting frame of mind.
The internet allows someone who needs a lawyer to learn the jargon of the issue, clarify the need, and find an attorney who can explain how to prevent the problem from getting worse and perhaps to make the problem go away.  In many cases, people do not actually contact a lawyer for weeks or months, but rather, they will study the matter and check out a number of lawyers before making a call.

For these reasons we have recently added many features to our website.  

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